Design Consulting

Virtual Design Consultation

  • Do you need help decorating your home? Are you overwhelmed with ideas, but don’t know where to begin? We can help bring your vision to life with a Virtual Design Consultation. We’ll assist with furniture placement, hanging pictures, styling shelves, etc. This service is perfect if you’re having design problems that do not require a full Room Design Package.

  • All Online Consultations will be completed virtually via FaceTime, Skype, or WhatsApp, where you’ll be able to provide us with a virtual tour of your home. During this time you’ll also be able to address all of your interior design questions and concerns.

  • If you need further assistance following your scheduled call, please feel free to schedule a new consultation or upgrade to one of our E-Design Packages.

In-Home Design Consultation

  • Our In-Home Design Consultation sets the tone for effortless Interior Decorating with the best end result in mind. This option is for those who prefer on-site assistance when addressing their Home Decor questions and concerns or for those who are interested in Interior Decorating or Staging Services.

  • Site visits help us to develop a clear vision of your design style and goals for the space using floor plans and/or photographs, to ensure we are meeting all of your design needs. By the end of your Design Consultation, we will have all the details we need to generate a personalized Design Concept reflecting your lifestyle while sticking to your budget.

  • If you decide to move forward with our Interior Decorating or Interior Design Staging Services, you will receive a Design Concept Board for your personalized design shortly after our site visit. In addition, we’ll provide an Estimated Timeframe for Project Completion and a Budget for Furniture, Fixtures, and Miscellaneous Decor; along with our Associated Design Fee.

Interior Decorating

Full Service Interior Decorating

  • Our Full Service Interior Decorating is perfect for anyone who would like to create a brand NEW look for their space starting with a blank canvas.

  • This service may include new Furniture, Light Fixtures, Paint, Custom Furniture, Window Treatments, Art, Accessories, and any other Miscellaneous Decor.

Interior Styling/Room Makeover

  • Our Interior Styling/Room Makeover is for anyone who would like to use some of their existing furniture pieces in their new room design.

  • This service includes a redesign of your space using mostly your existing furniture with new Art, Accessories, Window Treatments, Paint, and any other Miscellaneous Decor.

Interior Design Staging

Home Staging

  • Our Home Staging service is great for Homeowners/Realtors looking to help speed up the selling process by making their home more appealing to buyers.

  • This service can include new and/or existing Furniture pieces, Paint, Window Treatments, Art, Accessories, Outdoor Furniture, and any other Miscellaneous Decor. Furniture can also be rented from select locations if needed.

Airbnb Staging

  • Our NEW Airbnb Staging service is great for Homeowners/Businessmen looking to transition their properties into Airbnb rentals/vacation homes. We are able to bring your design vision to life while meeting the needs of your guests, by providing industry expertise on what guests are looking for in a home away from home.

  • This service can include new and/or existing Furniture pieces, Appliances, Paint, Window Treatments, Art, Accessories, Outdoor Furniture, and any other Miscellaneous Decor. Staging is one of the most important factors that guests consider when selecting a vacation home. This is a crucial component for rental properties because home decor is what attracts guests to your posting, resulting in better reviews and more leads.